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Client Testimonials

Shaun Durkee


Jim Obrock

After 3 years and 2 sets of foot orthotics...your ASO ankle stabilizer worked. I can't begin to tell you how comfortable it is and even more how my ankle stopped turning today. One day and I could move free of pain and being conscience of every step I take.

Jim Obrock

ASO user

Todd Fuller

"I use to always get my ankles taped before every game and most practices. However, after a bad sprain during my sophomore year at NC State, I switched to wearing the ASO braces. Ever since then, and after playing more than six years professionally with teams such as the Hornets, Heat, and Jazz, I have never had any ankle injury that has kept me out of action for more than one day, and that was just one occurrence. The ASO ankle brace has been a great value to me during my basketball career".

Todd Fuller

Bill Fonda

I have purchased several of your Plantar Fascia Orthosis (PFO), and I love them. They really are one of the best purchases I ever made. It greatly helped me get over much of the pain I had as a result of plantar faciitis and the surgery I had to ease this pain.

Bill Fonda

PFO user

Julie Ann Roche

"I recently had CT surgery on my right wrist and was prescribed your product (GelFlex wrist support) for both wrists as a continuation of my therapy and healing. I wanted to thank you for developing this excellent product. The product has demonstrated that it not only aids in the healing process, but is a great daily work tool for any kind of computer work."

Business Consultant

Robert Meconi

"This is the best ankle support system I have seen yet. The fact that it fits so well in the sneaker is a huge advantage especially in women. This is now the only product I'll recommend".

Robert Meconi, Head Basketball Coach (Girls)

AuSable Valley Central High School

Betsy Smerglia

"The ASO ankle stabilizer is our team's ankle brace of choice. We chose the ASO stabilizer because it provides double support with both lace-up and stabilizing straps. With ASO braces, we save both athletic tape and time before practices and matches."

Betsy Smerglia, Head Volleyball Coach

Maple Heights High School

David White, ATC

"Before the ASO, we were searching for an ankle brace that provided ankle stability, fit properly into the athletic shoe, is durable and makes the athlete feel confident while participating. We compared many less expensive vs. very expensive lace-up vs. neoprene with velcro supports. In all of our testing and research, we found the ASO was the only ankle stabilizer that met the physician's and the certified athletic trainer's criteria."

David B. White

UPMC Center for Sports Medicine

Georgia L. Fischer

"…(our athletes) find the ASO is very supportive, without the bulk of most braces. In the last couple of years I noticed that our athletes were requesting the ASO brace more often. Typically the athlete used the brace in their college program and wanted to continue using the ASO in the WNBA. As the athletic trainer for the Cleveland Rockers I require all of our athletes to have their ankles taped or braced. The ASO brace has helped me cut down on the number of ankles I tape everyday.

Georgia L. Fischer, MS, ATC, CSCS

Cleveland Rockers

Pat Diulus

"Once again this year we have increased our order of ASO ankle braces. Our basketball players have had a dramatic decrease in ankle injuries. Moreover, the incidents of sprains do not seem to be as serious as the girls who do not wear the braces."

Pat Diulus, Athletic Director

Regina High School

4:34 PM